This section will give international wine dealers and wine enthusiasts a brief overview of  the vinery of the Austrian winemaking family HOFSTETTER.

The Winery

The winery of the winemaking family HOFSTETTER is located in the Austrian winegrowing region of Fels am Wagram. It is one of the fastest emerging wineries in the Wagram wine region and is famous for its excellent wines for several years now.[..more]


The Wines

„The wines from HOFSTETTER stand out of the crowd!” That is what the people around Fels am Wagram say. „Especially during the difficult years“. The reason why people say this and even more about Hofstetter will be concisely explained here: [..more]


The Hofstetter Family

The HOFSTETTER winery is led by Werner and his wife Karin Hofstetter. While senior chief Josef „Sepp“ Hofstetter gives help and advice in the vineyards as well as in the cellar, his wife Renate is responsible for villa, kitchen and garden. [..more]