The area around Fels am Wagram is mainly characterized by its untouched state. The highway between Krems and Vienna brings the Viennese wine lover in only 30 minutes to Fels.

The municipality, which is also considered as a touristic point, consists of the cadastral Fels am Wagram, Gösing, Stettenhof and Thürnthal. Many rare species of animals can be seen and not forgetting the flora which is very unique.

Fels am Wagram is located 40 km west of Vienna and 15 km east of Krems on the northern edge of the Tulln field directly above Wagram. Furthermore Fels is just about 5 km away from the river Kamp, which has a weather that is very favourable for viticulture.

On the Loess plateau of Wagram between Fels and Gösing are seven cellar lanes namely, Dorner, Steinagrund, Mitterweg, Zwerigraben, Hammergraben, Scheibe und Floss, where typical regional wine cellars and off course wine-growing family Hofstetter can be found.