Wines from Hofstetter

„The wines from Hofstetter, stand out of the crowd!” That is what the people around Fels am Wagram say. „Especially during the difficult years“. The reason the people say this will be concisely explained here: A good wine is primarily made in the vineyard and not in the wine cellar! These years, it is quite rare to find perfect climatic conditions. However, even those who don’t take the work in the vineyard seriously are lucky to be successfully crowned. Nonetheless, in the normal or even difficult years, the wines of the wine-growing family Hofstetter takes the lead. If only the most essential work was to be carried out in the vineyard, then this will certainly prove comfort (for the winemaker) and will as well be cost-saving. One will definitely require a powerful manpower if at all he needs to perfectly take care of the vines. Leaves thin out before flowering, weakening, pruning of shoots, thinning of the fruit; followed by the selection of the grapes (reduction) and the art of correctly cutting out the right leaves or leaving them out. The grapes would get sunburned if more than enough were to be cut out, and if the wrong one or less are cut out, then this would result to rotting.

Or another situation: there is too much rain; as an effect the berries will soak up the water resulting to them bursting. Actually, burst grapes can be taken as food for the pests, and the juice can change into vinegar, and whoever doesn’t respond quickly to this, or only uses machines for harvesting risks the chances of having the wine tasting like vinegar.

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